Sponsorship Application

So you are interested in becoming a part of the Radi8 Wheels USA Team? We have now made it even easier for you to apply for a sponsorship. Radi8 Wheels is always willing to help out the car community, we love the fact that everyone wants to be different and make a statement like we do with our wheels. Below is our official Radi8 Wheels USA sponsorship application PDF that you can download and email with a minimum of (2) pictures of the vehicle. 

Once you have filled out the PDF & gathered your pictures, please email Marketing@radi8wheelsusa.com. Please allow (1) Business week to get a approval, you will be either approved for a partial sponsorship or a full sponsorship. This sponsorship is only for North America only.


Not all vehicles that apply will be accepted to be a Radi8 Wheels USA Sponsor vehicle. 

Thank you,

Radi8 Wheels USA Marketing Team.

Once the pdf is downloaded and filled out, please send along with a minimum of (2) pictures to Marketing@radi8wheelsusa.com.