Calvin's Bagged 2012 Audi A5.

With an upcoming change in the stance and fitment scene, everyone is starting to up and up the came and change it by moving forward. Calvin over in the UK decided to change his Audi A5 by standing out different. With all the wheels out there and he decided to pick up the custom finish r8t12 in a Dark Mist color.

Calvin started his image by matting his car with a nice Accuair E-Level System to give him that comfort and stance he needs to still give that show factor yet driving comfortable on a daily.

When looking for wheels, Calvin couldn't decided between our beautiful r8cm9 or r8t12 wheels to make sure he was happy with the fitment.

Radi8 Wheels - " Calvin, what made you choose the r8t12's over the other wheels we offered"?

Calvin response - "It was either a choice out of the Cm9 and the T12 I couldn’t make my mind up. I wanted to be different and try something new so went for the T12, love the finish to them and the center concave. With the fitment on the rear I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of it all, love the wheels best its looked this car!"

Thank you Calvin for blessing us with the pictures of your beautiful 2012 Audi A5 and can't wait to see what you have in store for the 2017 show season in the UK.!

Calvin's build specs:

Instagram - @bagged_a5

Vehicle - 2012 Audi A5 2.0tdi

Wheels Specs - Radi8 T12 19” 10j all round in Dark Mist. Rear has 50mm spacers, front currently has 20mm spacers but planning on having fitment up front next year

Suspension - Accuair Elevel twin seamless tanks with twin Viair 480c compressors

Interior mods - currently has Audi TTRS front seats with standard rear seats

Performance mods - Engine has had a remap and a straight through exhaust

Calvin is currently sponsored by Radi8 Wheels in UK and we'd like to thank our team for fitting this Audi with an amazing set up!

Photos Provided By : Andrew O'Neil (@aonvisuals)

Owner : Calvin Buyuk (@bagged_a5)

Words By : Bryan Munoz

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