What does it mean "to be radi8"? Does it mean standing out from the rest or does it simply mean follow the latest trend? Being radi8 is a expression of being different, standing out , be seen by many & envied by few.  ​


From deep concave faces, to lightening exotic spokes to elegant mesh designs that include an assortment of heavy metallic flakes ranging from black to silver to gold. Tying it all together with a diamond cut machine finish. Creating wild, loud and aesthetically pleasing designs.   ​


Radi8 Wheels was made for those who stand out of the crowd, for those who want to try something different. We devote passion into designing each wheel with its own unique personality. From the "Charming Jerk" wheel to the "Mr Drama Queen" gives your ride that personal touch. The personality it needs, it gives you the uniqueness and style you that will turn those heads rolling down the freeway or breaking necks as you pull up and park anywhere. Our world was built around the ethics of setting trends rather than following them. ​


Be original. Be radi8. 



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